The Rite Marketing Partner Is Everything

In 1992, Grafico received one of its most unusual design requests from a small business in New York City’s South Bronx. It was from Joe Coleman, a former Citi Bank Systems and Technology Specialist that had recently taken over as president of his father-in-law’s 40-year old check cashing business. Joe said he needed a sign for one of his stores, but wasn’t sure what it needed to say. The common practice at that time was to simply post the words CHECKS CASHED on a storefront and the neighborhood would use the service as a convenient commodity. But not Joe. He was more of a visionary than that. He wondered aloud why hamburger joints and gas stations didn’t sign their establishments with just the words BURGERS or GASOLINE. Instead, most of these successful businesses had brand names like McDonald’s, Burger King, Texaco or Exxon. Why shouldn’t his retail business have a brand like these successful businesses to distinguish him from his competition? After all, he firmly believed that his business offered better, more friendly service than anyone else in town and he wanted to differentiate himself for that.

It was then that RiteCheck was put on the map. Inspired from the corporate name used to file his licenses with the NY Banking Department, Grafico created a brand identity and logo using a distinctly unique font style and the icon of a check mark. But a brand is much more than a sign with a nice logo. It is the essence of a company, its corporate personality and the retail experience for its customers, and Joe understood this better than most of his competition. Now partnered with Grafico for over 20 years, Joe, an avid fan of the Beatles, likes to say “It was twenty years ago today, that Grafico taught the brand to play” and while Sargent Pepper may have been “going in and out of style” RiteCheck never has.

In fact, Grafico has partnered with RiteCheck and Joe Coleman through a string of innovations in store design concepts, new product and services development. It’s been the kind of strategic partnership that has fostered progressive thinking that made Joe a recognized leader in the industry and RiteCheck one of the most successful Alternative Financial Services providers in the country.

RiteCheck / Grafico Innovations

  • Evolving a check cashing business into a premier chain of Financial Service Centers (FSC)
  • Leading the way as an industry branding pioneer
  • Network of 300+ New York FSCs to act as quasi-credit union branches
  • Creating industry-leading Customer Loyalty program with prizes and cash back
  • Integration of digital signage and interactive technology into the stores
  • Successful conversion to MoneyGram money transfer service
  • Initial Pilot for Green Dot prepaid card category entry
  • Development of Cash & Stash savings program for the unbanked