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How Smart Is Your Store… and Why Does It Need To Be?

Could the secrets to more effective marketing strategies be lying right in your stores? How well do you know your customers? I mean really know them. How often do they come in? What do they do while they are in your stores? What services do they buy? Who are the most profitable? Who are the least loyal or […]

Grafico Welcomes New Marketing Partner IBT Enterprises

Grafico Marketing Group, the leading alternative financial services design and marketing agency for more than 20 years, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic marketing relationship with IBT Enterprises, which specializes in build/implementation projects for retail and financial services companies. IBT has provided its platform to more than 175 retail clients […]

Loyalty Programs… It’s About Customers, Not Transactions

Increasing Sales and Building Stronger Bonds with Your Customers Are you the only game in town that offers the financial services that are available at your stores? Probably not. There are probably plenty of competitors in your stores’ neighborhoods. Do you sell your services for less than everyone else? Also probably not.  Most services available in the […]

A New Look for Windows

Will prospects walk on by or walk right in? A New Look for Windows Can Drive Store Traffic Suppose you were offered a free billboard on a heavily traveled thoroughfare. Would you ignore the marketing opportunity? Of course you wouldn’t! But far too many overlook the power of the retail storefront for promoting their business. […]

Grow Your Business with a New Marketing Plan for Existing Financial Services

Full service FSCs continue to see check cashing fee revenue in a steady decline as the consumer segment slowly migrates to electronic payments. Small dollar lenders have become extremely hampered by negative regulatory and public perception issues, as well as bank services discontinuance as a result of “Operation Choke Point.” One bright spot in the […]

Building Trust with Your Brand

Do you have a brand? I don’t mean a name or a logo, but a brand. Your brand is about the customer experience with your business, the way you differentiate your store or chain of stores from other financial service centers, the personality of your business. Everybody has a brand. It’s how they use it […]

Technology in Marketing: More Than Social Media

Are you connected? I don’t mean as in who you know, but how you keep in touch with friends, family and most importantly how your business stays in touch with its customers. Social Media, SMS / Text Messages, Websites, e-mail and so on are in the forefront of many discussions on the topic. It’s interesting […]

The Appearance of Your Employees Can Dramatically Impact Your Business

Whenever neighborhood financial service centers consider marketing strategies for their businesses, the first things that tend to come to mind are the store signage, interior posters and teller signs, buck slips to be distributed to customers, advertisements in broadcast media or outdoor venues, social networking for word-of-mouth and the like. Seldom do many operators consider […]

The Silver Bullet & The Next Big Product

The world is changing rapidly. How many times have you heard that adage? For anyone over the age of 40 that seems like an obvious statement. We’ve seen men land on the moon. Computers become powerful miniature devices that we cannot live without. Cell phones were originally envisioned as Dick Tracy’s wristwatch or Maxwell Smart’s […]